About Chewingum London

Message from Kimi Henry founder of Chewingum London

"Hi friends! My name is Kimi Henry (aka Mummy Henry). I am an artist living in London that really loves fine art and drawing. After graduating a Fine Art BA and an Interactive Digital Media MA in London I took part in and curated multiple London exhibitions while sharing my art on canvas and clothing.

I love drawing London and now create customised clothing and accessories for people using textile colour. I would love to share my designs with you too so I made Chewingum London <3

Chewingum London is an artistic brand that focuses on personalised hand drawn clothes and accessories."


Why Chewingum London?

Chewing gum is a great inspiration for Mrs Henry as an artist and designer. We always come up with the most adorable and brilliant designs and ideas when working and chewing gum. Rhythmically chewing gum gives us positive energy and cheers us up. Thus, Chewingum London would like to share this great experience with everyone. Let’s chew gum and enjoy London together. Have a great journey with Chewingum London!


Our Products

Our products include hand drawn baby clothes, t-shirts, handbags, caps, hoodies, shoes, ceramics and art with unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

All of our clothing products can be customised with the baby's name or an appropriate name. For example on our products with the I Love my Aunty design, you can add a name to create a personal garment. eg: 'I Love my Aunty Sandra'.


We hope you love our products as much as we love making them!